calystalynn asked:
Can you please draw more YouTubers? Maybe even some guys?

i tried (actually got one of tyler somewhere) but somehow it’s way more difficult to catch the disney spirit in men’s faces. :(

marginal note

to everyone who followed me or liked or even reblogged my sketches:

i love you guys. (:

and if you ever have any ideas of who to draw next, please let me know (semester break ahead, so I’ve got lots of time on my hands). x

louise & darcy disney edit
dat-awkward-friend asked:
You have amaaazing artistic skills! :3 You should keep doing this, you are really talented! I like your drawings alot ♥

thank you, this is so lovely! :) i’m actually working on a louise & darcy sketch right now. x

Anonymous asked:
Your artistic skills are beyond amazing, you are so freakin' talented<3

and you are so freakin’ lovely! :) <3

Anonymous asked:
I'm not the same anon as the other one but that is so cool that it is like the same but different figure!! It gives it a whole new dynamic. I really really love these. And if you wanted you could make and instagram of these and people would follow because they are amazing. Just saying. No pressure.


beautycrush disney edit
Anonymous asked:
Just thought if let you know that I can see the Disney resemblance ☺️ Zoe looked like she we taken from Belle? Haha πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ

well spotted! :D x

beautyliciousbecky asked:
could you do a drawing of danisnotonfire and amazingphill? keep up with the amazing drawings xxxxx

yep, I’ll try. x

Anonymous asked:
No offense or anything, but why are you calling them disney edits? They just look like normal drawings of them.

not being offensive always works better if you do it off anon. ;)

anyway, I call them disney edits because I literally took the forms of the facial /body features from existing disney characters.

hope other people see the reference though.